Installation down to the last detail

Our field engineers make sure your equipment is correctly installed on location. If necessary, we will take care of connecting, leveling, anchoring, filling and testing as well as removing the packaging or the old equipment. When we're done, you have a perfectly working, finished product that is immediately ready for use.

In realizing this we look beyond the job at hand. Whenever it’s possible to combine tasks, apply a better technique or develop specific tools that make the job more efficient, we will not hesitate to do so.

3-in-1 retail campaign

Originally, three companies were called in for the installation of a spiral vending machine: a transportation company, an electrician and a ceiling company for the finishings. All three had to be fitted into a tight work schedule to make sure that no valuable time was lost and the machine was immediately ready for use. In order to save time on this project that encompassed 500 machines, our field engineers devised a plan for taking care of all these activities themselves. Of course the retailer concerned gladly accepted this offer.